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Account(Agency) Detail

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Account (Agency) Information

Agency NameDepartment of AgricultureAgency AbbreviationUSDA
Fiscal Year2022Agency URL
Comm Mgmt Position TitleCMOComm Mgmt Officer Office Address 1
Comm Mgmt Officer PrefixComm Mgmt Officer Office Address 2
Comm Mgmt Officer First NameCikenaComm Mgmt Officer Office City
Comm Mgmt Officer Middle NameComm Mgmt Officer Office State 
Comm Mgmt Officer Last NameReidComm Mgmt Officer Office Zipcode
Comm Mgmt Officer SuffixComm Mgmt Officer Phone202-720-2406
Comm Mgmt Officer Emailcikena.reid@osec.usda.govComm Mgmt Officer Fax202-720-9286
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Historical Agencies

FACA Historical Agency

ActionAgency NameFiscal Year
 Department of Agriculture2021
 Department of Agriculture2020
 Department of Agriculture2019
 Department of Agriculture2018
 Department of Agriculture2017
 Department of Agriculture2016
 Department of Agriculture2015
 Department of Agriculture2014
 Department of Agriculture2013
 Department of Agriculture2012
 Department of Agriculture2011
 Department of Agriculture2010
 Department of Agriculture2009
 Department of Agriculture2008
 Department of Agriculture2007
 Department of Agriculture2006
 Department of Agriculture2005
 Department of Agriculture2004
 Department of Agriculture2003
 Department of Agriculture2002
 Department of Agriculture2001
 Department of Agriculture2000
 Department of Agriculture1999
 Department of Agriculture1998
 Department of Agriculture1997