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Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
20221014 10/14/20221253Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council
20220405 04/05/20222094Community Development Advisory Board
20220322 03/22/202284649Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity
20220316 03/16/20225218Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee
20220216 02/16/20225217IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Panel
20210610 06/10/202176867Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance
20210420 04/20/20211256Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee
20210416 04/16/20212526Advisory Committee on Risk-Sharing Mechanisms
20210316 03/16/20212524Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee
20200623 06/23/202034765OCC Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee
20200623 06/23/202042652OCC Mutual Savings Association Advisory Committee
20200611 06/11/20202639Commission on Social Impact Partnerships
20200130 01/30/202079211Financial Research Advisory Committee
20200130 01/30/20201254Art Advisory Panel of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue
20100715 07/15/20102076Advisory Committee of the Community Adjustment and Investment Program

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