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Committee NameNational Cooperative Geologic Mapping ProgramAgency NameDepartment of the Interior
Fiscal Year2019Committee Number245
Original Establishment Date2/8/1993Committee StatusChartered
Actual Termination Date Committee URL
New Committee This FYNoPresidential Appointments*No
Terminated This FYNoMax Number of Members*11
Current Charter Date11/24/2017Designated Fed Officer Position Title*NCGMP Program Coordinator
Date Of Renewal Charter11/24/2019Designated Federal Officer Prefix
Projected Termination Date Designated Federal Officer First Name*John
Exempt From Renewal*NoDesignated Federal Officer Middle Name
Specific Termination AuthorityDesignated Federal Officer Last Name*Brock
Establishment Authority*Statutory (Congress Created)Designated Federal Officer Suffix
Specific Establishment Authority*43 U.S.C. 31a-h (Sec. 5, PL 102-285, 106 Stat. 166, 169, 5/18/92)Designated Federal Officer Phone*(703) 648-6053
Effective Date Of Authority*2/8/1993Designated Federal Officer Fax*703-648-6937
Committee Type*ContinuingDesignated Federal Officer Email*
Committee Function*Scientific Technical Program Advisory Board


Agency Recommendation*Continue
Legislation to Terminate RequiredNot Applicable
Legislation StatusNot Applicable
How does cmte accomplish its purpose?*The Federal Advisory Committee for the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program meets to evaluate progress made towards fulfilling the Federal, State, and Educational components of the National Geologic Mapping Act (NGMA)as well as an evaluation of the progress of the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP) as established by the NGGDPP Act of 2005 (Public Law 109–58).
How is membership balanced?*The committee consists of the following: two USGS ex officio members (Chair/Vice Chair), four Federal ex-officio members, two State representatives, two private-sector representatives, and one academic representative, which is mandated by its law.
How frequent & relevant are cmte mtgs?*The committee meets at least annually.The Chair may call other meetings of the Advisory Committee as deemed appropriate. Meetings are called to improve coordination among Federal, State, academic, and private sector institutions involved in geologic mapping and the earth sciences.
Why advice can't be obtained elsewhere?*No other organization or group exists that provides the breadth of Federal, State, private-sector, and academic membership.
Why close or partially close meetings?All meetings of the Advisory Committee are open unless otherwise specified.
Recommendation RemarksExtensive progress has been made in FY18 in accordance with these recommendations. The NCGMP/NGGDPP FAC met in May 2018 to discuss progress towards the NGGDPP 5-year plan, as well as progress on the NCGMP Strategic Implementation Plan, adoption of GeMS (a common geologic map data schema), responding to the 3DEEP initiative, updates on STATEMAP and EDMAP, updates on the annual Geologic Mapping Forum, and ongoing outreach efforts.

43 U.S.C. 31a-h (Sec. 5, PL 102-285, 106 Stat. 166, 169, 5/18/92)

The National Geologic Mapping Act was reauthorized in March 2009 in Section 11001 of the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (P.L. 111-11) and the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP) as established by the NGGDPP Act of 2005 (Public Law 109–58).


Outcome Improvement To Health Or Safety*YesAction Reorganize Priorities*Yes
Outcome Trust In GovernmentNoAction Reallocate ResourcesYes
Outcome Major Policy ChangesNoAction Issued New RegulationsNo
Outcome Advance In Scientific ResearchYesAction Proposed LegislationNo
Outcome Effective Grant MakingYesAction Approved Grants Or Other PaymentsNo
Outcome Improved Service DeliveryYesAction OtherNo
Outcome Increased Customer SatisfactionYesAction CommentThe agency (USGS) has no regulatory or legislative components.
Outcome Implement Laws/Reg RequirementsYesGrants Review*No
Outcome OtherNoNumber Of Grants Reviewed0
Outcome CommentNANumber Of Grants Recommended0
Cost Savings*Unable to DetermineDollar Value Of Grants Recommended$0.00
Cost Savings CommentNAGrants Review CommentNA
Number Of Recommendations*108Access Contact Designated Fed. Officer*Yes
Number Of Recommendations CommentAs of the previous year, the NCGMP/NGGDPP Federal Advisory Committee had conveyed 98 recommendations to the decision maker (Chair) of the committee. At the FY18 Annual Meeting, the Committee made an additional 10 recommendations:NCGMP Recommendations:1. The NGGDPP should work toward demonstrating programmatic value to state agencies, users, to the scientific community at large. Explore new ways to demonstrate this through qualitative and quantitative means.2. NCGMP and NGGDPP should consider undertaking a joint needs/benefits study to explore the return on investment for both programs.3. The NGGDPP should dedicate some resources toward developing a strategy on national comprehensive databases of public geoscience data; look at national groundwater modeling network as an example of a focused, topical national-scale product that would resonate with stakeholders.4. Consider another nationwide Data Preservation inventory; similar to the assessment that was done in 2007.5. NCGMP should begin taking first steps (the beginning of a 3-5 year process) to implement the GeMS common data schema, ultimately requiring for all STATEMAP deliverables down the road. Approach for adoption in STATEMAP should be gradual/phased and include resources for training in support of this transition. Consider for FEDMAP and EDMAP as well. Consider requiring for EDMAP in the very near term.6. Develop a status map to display a composite score depicting the available geologic data in a given area across the United States.7. Recommend USGS and AASG continue to work together on the annual Geologic Mapping Forum. Consider holding again in 2019 to continue the momentum from the inaugural session, but hold every other year going forward. Recommend offering Professional Development Hours (toward P.G. certification) for attendees. AIPG can assist.8. Recommend NCGMP work with AIPG on a column in The Professional Geologist (AIPG quarterly publication) detailing the status of geologic mapping in the United States. This could be the first step in justifying a larger study; step one - lay the groundwork with a column in TPG; step 2 - AIPG leadership follows on the column with a white paper on two themes (what the critical benefit is to the U.S>, and what's the status of mapping right now); step 3 - this white paper becomes the basis for a push to do a nationwide study.9. NCGMP should develop a map depicting where funds are invested each year; this map should be widely distributed.10. NCGMP should develop clear guidance, and receive AASG concurrence, regarding STATEMAP funding for derivative products.Access Agency WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented*75.00%Access Committee WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented CommentNot ApplicableAccess GSA FACA WebsiteYes
% of Recs Partially Implemented*25.00%Access PublicationsNo
% of Recs Partially Implemented CommentNot ApplicableAccess OtherNo
Agency Feedback*YesAccess CommentNA
Agency Feedback CommentFeedback is provided at the next annual committee meeting.Narrative Description*The Committee shall: Periodically review and critique the implementation plan prepared by the Secretary, acting through the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program and the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program; review the scientific progress of the programs; and submit an annual report to the Secretary that evaluates the progress of the Federal, State, and University geologic mapping activities and evaluates the progress made toward fulfilling the purposes of the Act as well as an evaluation of the progress of the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP) as established by the NGGDPP Act of 2005 (Public Law 109–58).
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Payments to Federal Members* Est. Payments to Fed Members Next FY* 
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Travel Reimb. For Non-Federal Members* Est Travel Reimb Non-Fed Members nextFY* 
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Other Costs Est. Other Costs Next FY* 
Total Costs$0.00Est. Total Next FY*$0.00
Federal Staff Support (FTE)* Est. Fed Staff Support Next FY* 
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