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Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee

Committee Charter Dates All Years

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Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
Fiscal Year
20190617 06/17/20195231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2022
20140416 04/16/20145231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2014
20120416 04/16/20125231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2012
20100416 04/16/20105231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2010
20080508 05/08/20085231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2008
20060508 05/08/20065231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2006
20040508 05/08/20045231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2004
20020508 05/08/20025231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2002
20000508 05/08/20005231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee2000
19980327 03/27/19985231Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee1998

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